Wiccan spiritual/protection

High Priestess Ethel works with spirit element and her spells are Spiritual/Protection spells.


Hail, I am High Priestess Ethel and I am the head of this council. I am the older as well. My working is one of the most difficult works because it's related to the spirit, the mind and the soul. I've been trained in this field and I am an expertise in this, I am a very spiritual person and my life has been the result of devotion and prayers. I live to help people and that is and was my only goal in life.


Do you want protection? Are you seeking for spiritual enlighting? I can remove any curse and make your life to be prosper and shiny. Be protected for life. Also protect your loved ones!


Protection spells - remove curses and hexes - Gain divinity - Spiritual enlightment(find the meaning of life) - Gain good karma - cleans your aura and much more!




"Dear High Priestess Anais, I am so thankful! You kept your promise and so far everything is going great. We've been seeing eachother and his talking about marriage! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!"


Anne, O. Uk.


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