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Our service costs from 130 USD and up, but we offer a free consultations. Email us today and we will help you solve your case. We have helped thousands of clients already and they can all refer to the amazing feeling of getting what they wishes for in life. We only live once (or?) so take the chance and enjoy this life! Contact us today!


Include your full names, Birth dates and the situation you need help with. Also include what requests you have so we can easily determine how to solve the situation. we Work to give you as fast results as possible and we make the custom spell after your requirements.


Each one of us is specialized on different areas, focused our powers to deal with different problems but we can cast combo spells easily.


"Dear High Priestess Anais, I am so thankful! You kept your promise and so far everything is going great. We've been seeing eachother and his talking about marriage! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!"


Anne, O. Uk.


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