Wiccan beauty Spells

High Priestess Laya works with earth element and her spells are Beauty/Health Spells.


My childhood was not the best; I had skin and overweight problems… and I felt really bad with me, but fortunately my mother took me to an old wise lady who with chants and ceremonies healed my body. She was a very famous High priestess, and I became fond of her. So she started me to teach me the Wicca tradition and I became her disciple. She gave me all the ancient secrets of beauty/body and health spells. In time I became a High Priestess as well.


Want to lose weight? Have bigger breasts? Firmer skin? Change eye color or grow? My powerful spells are for beauty, health and body modifications. Every spell will be custom made for your situation.


Perfect skin spell - Growth spell - Bigger breasts spell - Weight loss spell - healing spells - hair and nail spells - and much more!




"Dear High Priestess Anais, I am so thankful! You kept your promise and so far everything is going great. We've been seeing eachother and his talking about marriage! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!"


Anne, O. Uk.


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